Sunday, February 13, 2011

..........Just Treading Water....

Flu, birthday parties, injuries and temper tantrums. All in one weekend. So I am exhausted and treading water to survive. I have called in for tomorrow, and I'm not happy about that at ALL. I *NEVER* miss a class and I am not pleased with my body for falling to this sickness. Its a PARTY day in kindergarten and I don't get to go! :-( *PICTURE ADULT TEMPER TANTRUM*

Monday, January 17, 2011

Just Another Growly Monday..............

Why oh why oh why does it all fall on my head?! I think my experience at *CRAPTASTIC SOUTHERN STATE UNIVERSITY* has been full of so many OOPS! on the part of others that I just want to yankmy hair out.
That being said this is my LAST (OH YEAH!) semester there....but it's like they went into DOUBLE TIME to add more OH! WE FORGOT THIS TIDBIT TO MAKE YOUR LIFE HELL! SHEW!
* I will survive, I will survive, I will survive.........*

If the four kids, one husband, three cats, and a geriatric dog combination has not resulted in my death.....this won't either...................... RIGHT!?

Sunday, January 9, 2011


The Sharp Six Pack is a cute name a cousin of the husband's wrote inside a Christmas card this year (thank you Dinah) and is the perfect nickname for outfamily. We have mom (yours truly, ringmaster extroidnare) dad (in all his redneck country boy glory), Miss A (back flippin, guitar pickin jabberjaw), Miss P (rockstar, zebra lovin lil sparkle), Mr. A (backhoe drivin, monster truck loving little version of dad) and finally Chunk Norris-the baby.  On top of the actual six pack we have a zoo including our geriatric weenie dog, an american bengal with a spastic personality and the latest furry addition of our cabbit...well she's a black cat with no tail that hops like a rabbit-hence "cabbit."
Miss A is such a great kid-smart funny but soooo hyper! Miss P is fabulous-but mouthy an da complete diva. Last year her doc decided she has "Pectus Excavatum" or "funnel chest" which led me into making a lot and altering the rest of her clothes. Thank goodness there are no side effects on her, and we may or may not commit to the surgery to repair when she's older. Miss A and Miss P have waaaaaaaaay too many activities lol dance team, gymnastics, guitar lessons, and girl scouts...SHEW! Of course, I am the guilty party that signed them up....Mr. A although not the youngest, has been my "baby." He was born with some health issues that gave me some lasting emotional trauma, and he has food issues...which we are still working on...along with a few other issues I hope to identify soon. Overall, GREAT happy FUN kid-so I am blessed. Then we can wrap up the kid description with Chunk Norris-he is ADORABLE. The most laid back, funny, giggly, snuggly chubby baby ever. We all just adore him!
Stories from the Sharp Six Pack is a place to share funny moments, tales, tips and tricks as I move forward. At the moment I am not only wife and mom--but student and teacher as well. I am finishing my last semester--and in just a few days will embark upon student teaching...I am excited and terrified all at once.  Of course survivng ina house with four kids has been some amazing preparation, so the excitement far outweighs the terror! 
I enjoy sewing-and do as much of it as possible. Not to mention my hubby bought me a cricut for Christmas too--so crafting will be a big part of my posts--I can't wait to work out some tutorials to share! Of course I am far more likely to complain and rant as much as I's just the nature of the beast!